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Guru Peyarchi Palangal (Jupiter Transit) 2015-2016

Overview of Guru Peyarchi Palangal or Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2015-2016

What is Guru Peyarchi

Guru also known as Brihaspathi (Jupiter); it is a benefic planet and the Lord that brings us all good things. It takes 12 years for Guru (Jupiter) to complete the full zodiac signs. In each house it stays for one year. The movement of Guru from one house to another house is called Guru Peyarchi.

Impact of Guru Peyarchi

Guru is responsible for Marriage, Children, Fortune, Wealth, etc. If Jupiter is in a good position then the native will be an influential person, will enjoy all benefits and happiness. Nothing will be impossible for them. If Guru is not strong in one’s horoscope, they will have to undergo all difficulties in life. Monetary conditions will be unsteady and obstacles are seen in their life.

Guru Peyarchi (Jupiter Transit) 2015-2016

This Guru Peyarchi, Guru will transit from Kataga rasi (Cancer sign) to Simha Rasi (Leo sign), and its effects will be felt during the period 5-7-2015 to 2-8-2016
Planetary position as on Guru Peyarchi Day
guru peyarchi planetary chart 500x220

Guru Peyarchi States
:    05.07.2015 Entry into Simha rasi (Leo sign)
                                                20.01.2016 : Vakra (severity) beginning
                                                20.05.2016 : Vakra (severity) ending
                                                02.08.2016 : Exit to Kanni Rasi (Virgo sign)
General Information (suggested to be read before proceeding to the details):
Each Rasi (Vedic sign) person exhibits certain unique characteristics, which enables the handling of situations in unique ways typical to the Rasi.
Both the positive and negative impacts of the Guru Peyarchi on the individual Rasis will be indicated. The knowledge of the positives will help in taking things forward with confidence, it will enable cutting down indecisions and help one to grab the opportunities that arise during the one year period.
On the other hand, the knowledge of the negatives will guide one to avoid taking undue risks.  In fact it is not meant to create a scare but to help in smarter planning for times of distress. It is important to remember that these generic predictions can get modified by the individual’s actual dasa-bukthi currently running. 
This Guru Peyarchi or Jupiter Transit is going to bring in several good things and fortune to many.  
Click on the following rasi/sign to know your Guru Peyarchi Palangal, i.e. how this Jupiter Transit will impact you from 5th July 2015 – 2nd August 2016.
Mesham (Aries)Rishabham (Taurus)Midhunam (Gemini)Katagam (Cancer)
Simham (Leo)Kanni (Virgo)Thulam (Libra)Vrichigam (Scorpio)
Dhanush (Sagittarius)Makaram (Capricorn)Kumbam (Aquarius)Meenam (Pisces)

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