Tuesday, October 20, 2015


                              prediction crystal ball

The future is a mystery that we all seek to unravel. What does the future hold?! Is it bright? Can I hope for something fantastic? Or will there be trouble? Can I prepare for it? Will there be some magic or miracle waiting for me in the future?
We often wonder about such questions, and sometimes seek the answers quite desperately. The truth is, our future is shaped largely by our efforts and actions. However, there are certain key events that astrologists and psychics predict. Only time can tell the whether they will be proved right or wrong.
An expert known to ‘All in One India’ had predicted in 2011 end, that BJP will win the 2014 elections in India and Narendra Modi will become the prime minister of India in 2014!!  Interestingly, in 2011 Modi was not declared to be a Prime Ministerial candidate. It was nearly 2 years later in September 2013 that BJP announced Narendra Modi as their Prime Ministerial candidate. However, the prediction turned out to be true as confirmed by 2014 elections.
Here we share with you many more interesting predictions by this expert, about the future of India and the world. Your comments & discussions are welcome.
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