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The Desert Become a Wonderland

The Desert Become a Wonderland

The Atacama Desert is a plateau in South America, covering a 1,000-kilometre (600 mi) strip of land on the Pacific coast, west of the Andes mountains. It is the driest non-polar desert in the world. According to estimates the Atacama Desert proper occupies 105,000 square kilometres (41,000 sq mi), or 128,000 square kilometres (49,000 sq mi) if the barren lower slopes of the Andes are included. Most of the desert is composed of stony terrain, salt lakes (salares), sand, and felsic lava that flows towards the Andes.
Chile’s Atacama Desert, known as one of the planet’s driest places, received a battering dose of rain this March, which caused mudslides, floods, nearly 30 deaths and homelessness.

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Despite Shaandaar debacle Alia Bhatt moves on


Despite Shaandaar debacle Alia Bhatt moves on,

Of course there is disappointment. It’s a first for me. I’ll take this in my stride and move on,” Alia said.

Alia Bhatt is “disappointed” with the debacle of “Shaandaar”, but the actress doesn’t believe in brooding over the past. Embracing the failure, Alia says she is trying to “move on”.
The daughter of popular filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who stepped into the world of showbiz with the 2012 film “Student of the Year”, has scaled new heights of success with each of her films — be it “Highway” or “2 States”.
Vikas Bahl’s “Shaandaar” is her first movie which has failed to work. When asked to comment on the cold response that “Shaandaar” has generated, Alia said: “Of course, there is disappointment. It’s a first for me. I’ll take this in my stride and move on.”
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Main Aur Charles Movie Review


Main Aur Charles Movie Review

Main Aur Charles Movie Review,The decision not to cast the Charles Sobhraj story in the mould of an average Bollywood underworld drama serves writer-director Prawaal Raman’s efficiently mounted biopic rather well.
Audiences weaned on less demanding Hindi thrillers might find the first half of Main Aur Charles a bit of a challenge to decipher. Its pace is sluggish and the plot detailing is somewhat hazy. But that appears to be a conscious part of the film’s design. The director adopts an elliptical approach to the tale and leaves a great deal to the imagination, and intelligence, of the viewer.

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Indian Valentines Day – is it Karva Chauth?


Indian Valentines Day – is it Karva Chauth?

Indian Valentines Day,Karva Chauth -a primarily North Indian festival, wherein women fast for their spouses’ longevity, is considered a glamorous affair and the ultimate selfless, romantic gesture.Ironically, it is believed that a combination of a fast, prayers and the blessings of the lunar deity helps women to gain power to confront and prevent unfortunate events for their husbands.
A few decades ago, Karva Chauth was believed to be just a North Indian festival, but now, clever packaging by commercial forces has turned it into a desi version of ‘Valentine’s Day’ that is celebrated enthusiastically across India!
In the southern parts of the country, this festival is observed as ‘Karadaiyan Nonbu,’ but after five months.The festival, with its neo-traditional sheen, is popular among rural women too. Thanks to the popularity of Bollywood and TV serials in smaller towns.
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nderstand the PAN (Permanent Account Number) india
PAN is a 10 digit alpha numeric number, where the first 5 characters are letters, the next 4 numbers and the last one a letter again. These 10 characters can bedivided in five parts as can be seen below. The meaning of each number has been explained further.



Plant trees, save nature

Planting trees is one of the most important things you can do to save the environment. It takes about 625 square feet surface area of vegetation to produce the daily oxygen requirement of one person. Even people living in big, bustling cities can play a vital role in greening their environment. Here are some simple, cost-effective ways by which you can plant a tree, and do your little bit to green your world .
  • If you have a big enough garden, plant trees, for they can cool your homes considerably.
  • Select appropriate plants to suit your garden and the climatic conditions. Your local nursery or horticultural society can help you.
  • If your garden is too small for trees, have plants and creepers instead. Every green plant helps to reduce the carbon dioxide we are letting out into the atmosphere.
  • Garden plants are better than a lawn for absorbing carbon dioxide. So when you plan your garden, opt for extra space for plants rather than for a lawn.
  • If your city or garden lacks water for gardening, plant drought-resistant plants like cacti, flowering shrubs, etc.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

20 Amazing Superstitious Beliefs In Indian Culture

20 Amazing Superstitious Beliefs In Indian Culture

1. Cats Crossing Your Path

BJJGR4 Scared woman with black kitten
In ancient times, during night people used to travel through forests in bullock carts with a light of kerosene lantern. The carriage animals get past big cats like leopards, hyenas and jackals foxes. These animals have glowing eyes and scare the cows, horses or the bulls that pull the carts. That is why the travelling party halts nearby and help the animals refresh themselves before they pull the carts for the long journey ahead without any stress. Travelers shared their hard experiences and told other travelers not to proceed travel while the cats crossing the roads and in the course of time changing, the cat crossings got live and the people forget forest cats and took the domestic cats instead.

2. Hair Cut On Tuesday

baby-haircutIn past days a large portion of the Indians were farmers. After a week of hard work, Monday was their resting day. Characteristically majority of them cleaned their homes and cut their hair on that day. So the Barber wouldn’t have much deal with Tuesdays and would close his shop. This practice is continued till date but the reason behind it is completely forgotten and lot misconceptions revolve around this.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


                              prediction crystal ball

The future is a mystery that we all seek to unravel. What does the future hold?! Is it bright? Can I hope for something fantastic? Or will there be trouble? Can I prepare for it? Will there be some magic or miracle waiting for me in the future?
We often wonder about such questions, and sometimes seek the answers quite desperately. The truth is, our future is shaped largely by our efforts and actions. However, there are certain key events that astrologists and psychics predict. Only time can tell the whether they will be proved right or wrong.
An expert known to ‘All in One India’ had predicted in 2011 end, that BJP will win the 2014 elections in India and Narendra Modi will become the prime minister of India in 2014!!  Interestingly, in 2011 Modi was not declared to be a Prime Ministerial candidate. It was nearly 2 years later in September 2013 that BJP announced Narendra Modi as their Prime Ministerial candidate. However, the prediction turned out to be true as confirmed by 2014 elections.
Here we share with you many more interesting predictions by this expert, about the future of India and the world. Your comments & discussions are welcome.
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Ayudha pooja is a part of the Dussehra festival which is usually celebrated on the ninth day of Navratri festival. It is a worship of whatever implements one may use in one’s livelihood. On the preceding evening, it is traditional to place these implements on an altar to the Divine. If one can make a conscious effort to see the divine in the tools and objects one uses each day, it will help one to see one’s work as an offering to God. It will also help one to maintain constant remembrance of the divine. (In India it is customary for one to prostrate before the tools one will use before starting one’s work each day; this is an expression of gratitude to God for helping one to fulfil one’s duties.)

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On 7th day of Navratri, Maa Kaalratri is worshipped. She is the seventh incarnation of Maa Durga. She is also known as ‘Shubhankari’.She has a fearsome appearance. She looks like a ‘Kaal-ratri’ means a dark moonless night. Her name is derived from ‘Kaal’ which means time and ‘Ratri’ which stands for night. She is also known as ‘Kaali Maa’

Her ‘sawari’ is a gadarbh – a donkey. She has three eyes which shine brightly. Her posture is upright and dreadful with dark countenance and four hands.
Demonic entities, ghosts, evil spirits flee away by chanting her name. This is also the reason why she appears so dreadful. Her facade scares evil hence representing that Durga does not only mean benevolence and love but also the end of malevolence.

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Seven Dangerous Act After Meals


THhese are the seven dangerous act after meals.

1. Don’t smoke : Experiments from experts proves that smoking a cigarette after meal is comparable to smoking 10 cigarettes (chances of cancer is higher)

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woman according to me is the most respectable entity in our society. A woman has always exhibited diversified qualities, in the different roles that she plays in her life – as a mother, a sister, a life-partner, a friend, a daughter and of course a source of inspiration.
Our lives are so influenced by women that we can’t deny them their significance in our life.
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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Why should Indian women wear Bangles?

Why should Indian women wear Bangles?

Bangles known as Kankan, are an important ornament for all women, married as well as spinsters. Since ancient times, there is a tradition of making bangles, from various metals, glass, conch, sealing-wax and ivory.
  • In Punjab, bangles made of ivory and in Bengal bangles made of conch have special importance.
  • In Uttar Pradesh, wearing of a red sariand red bangles by the bride at the time of the wedding is considered auspicious.
  • In states like Maharashtra, Karnataka etc., wearing of green glass bangles by the bride at the time of the wedding has special importance.

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Bigg Boss 9 Day 4

biggbossDAY 4

Bigg Boss 9 Day 4

 Bigg boss 9 Day 4 on in ‘Bigg Boss 9′ house, Kishwer Merchantt breaks down while performing the first captaincy task. Will Kishwer give up the opportunity to rule the house with Aman Verma?
 Recapping the night’s episode, the ‘Bigg Boss 9’ house inmates are trying to find some relief from Arvind Vegda and Vikas Bhalla’s snores by sleeping next to them in turns. During this conversation, Mandana Karimi is adamant that she will not move her bed regardless of who is snoring and who is not. Adding that she is not a part of this discussion, she says that the other housemates can plan around this.(BIGG BOSS 9 DAY 3 )

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Pyaar ka Punchnama 2 review


Pyaar ka Punchnama 2 review

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 caters to two types of audiences. Those who have seen the prequel and wondered why it took so long for a follow up and the second who are new to the franchise. I fall in the latter category having watched the follow up as a stand alone film. The plot is basic, it isn’t rocket science, neither does it appeal to the grey matter.
Three guys Gogo (Kartik Aryan), Sidharth (Sunny Singh) and Thakur (Omkar Kapoor) fall for three different girls Ruchika (Nusrat Bharucha), Surpiya (Sonalli Sehgal) and Kusum (Ishita Rai) who portray the stereotypes that girls have got typecast into. For example, Ruchika is the annoying girlfriend who makes her guy make peace with the fact that he’s in a relationship where three is a crowd, or Supriya who refuses to commit to her boyfriend, and Kusum who puts money first without understanding that feelings can also be important. What makes the film watchable and fun is the writing

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Why Wearing Silk Clothes during Pooja ?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Vedalam Official Teaser It s raining outside and the much expected teaser of ‘ThalaAjith  Vedhalam has stormed the net space.The 47 second teaser of the Siruthai Siva directed flick focuses mainly on the action part and the surprise  Vedhalam character played by Ajith in the film. These parts of the film are set in posh urban locations quite contrary to the duo’s previous outing ‘Veeram’ which had a completely rural setting.

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credit: allinone india