Friday, November 6, 2015

63 Year Old Man Will Now Travel Across India in His Self-Designed Solar Car


63 year old man Syed Sajjad Ahmed finally started his long journey towards Delhi from Bengaluru’s Raj Bhavan. What makes this journey really special is the fact that he will be undertaking the journey in a solar powered car which was designed by him.Syed first reacheb Bengaluru in 2000 and started woking as a fruit seller.
 But this school dropout had bigger ideas and values instilled in him. He soon started repairing TV sets and then tried his hand at developing a motorcyle for disabled.According to a report in Hindu, He then took four years and spent close to Rs 10 lakh to develop electric two-wheeler, and three- wheelers for differently abled and finally got into making a solar-powered four-wheeler worth Rs 50,000. But with no help from the government, the vehicle cost him Rs 1 lakh.
The solar powered vehicle weighs about 400 kilograms and runs upto a maximum speed of 30 kmph.The car can go upto 30 to 40 kilometers per day solely on solar power, it’s maximum range is about 100 kms with a battery pack.
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