Thursday, November 12, 2015


Bigg Boss 9 Day 31,Mandana Karimi is slowly turning out to be the biggest drama queen of this season. In the latest luxury budget task, she not only kicked Kishwer but also blamed Prince for touching her inappropriately!Waking up to ‘Yaha Ke Hum Sikandar’, team A and B are all geared up to face the round two of the highway task
Everyone’s sitting in the bedroom when Aman asks Rishabh the reason of fall out between Digangana and him, Rishabh tells Aman his version of the incident and turns around to Digangana and asks her if he’s right. However Digangana disagrees and narrates her side of story.
Aman is seen discussing with Mandana about having an upper hand in the task over the opposition team because they have the chance to be well prepared before the buzzer goes on. Kishwer finds mashed potatoes in the sink and is furious about the fact that the housemates are being reckless and wasting food.
Later in the day, when Bigg Boss asks all the contestants to gather in the living room, Mandana realizes that her shawl and sipper is missing. When she goes around the house looking for it, Rochelle tells her that she saw Prince taking it and hiding somewhere. Mandana confronts Prince and refuses to start the task until she finds her belongings. Meanwhile team A is seen convincing Mandana to drop the thought and continue with the task. 
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