Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bellandur Lake Froth Causing Misery to Motorists

The drivers are stuck in middle of the bridge as the visibility is completely obstructed by the froth of Bellandur Lake ,It seems one needs special driving skills to cross Bellandur Bridge. Though the bridge is pretty much a straight one, the toxic froth from the lake creates a snowy blind spot to the drivers who often get stuck due to the poor visibility. The situation has become worse for the school buses carrying children. Commuters especially motorists too are having a tough time to cross that bridge. While commuters battle the froth, locals come forward to help the commuters navigate the area.
     a resident of Bellandur and owner of a small grocery store near the lake, often finds people caught in the froth.  Every time it rains, the next day becomes a nightmare as the froth covers the entire stretch. People feel suffocated. Due to this, there have been several accidents. I see at least three to four accidents right after the rainy days,he recalls. He had helped a motorist who was hit by a car due to the lack of visibility on the bridge.
His shop, Maruthi Provision Stores, is open from 7am till 9:30 pm and he is accustomed to all the changes around the lake and is well versed with the route. “I mostly guide big vehicles like cars and vans to cross the bridge and the motorists follow suit. Motorists are drastically affected due to the foam which also makes them feel nauseous, he says.
Bellandur LAKE
Several school vans make their way through the bridge, and the children’s health is affected, he said.
Dilip Reddy, a 27-year-old businessman and a local resident, said, “People are not well informed about the status of the lake when they choose the route. When the lake is frothing, people get no guidance that it should be avoided. Some people hit the bridge due to the lack of visibility.
The residents complain that the two water sprinklers that were installed by BWSSB to curb the froth are not effective enough. “The magnitude of the froth is enormous and the two sprinklers cannot handle that. Since this is the only connecting way, more traffic is seen in the morning from 9am to 11am and 5pm to 8pm, locals have to be there to guide them if froth is increasing, Reddy adds.

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