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Symptoms of Malaria

Causes and Symptoms of Malaria

 Causes and Symptoms of Malaria Pretty much all of our grandparents have once or twice related to you a story regarding malaria at that age which like a plague would spread around the entire village and cause havoc to the people inhabiting it. Malaria is an age old disease prevailing in the society for decades now.
Earlier there would be chaos and discomfort while in today’s world this disease has slowly subsided to give way to new ones. However, malaria is still present in the nooks and crannies of the world, the under developed, unhygienic places that harbors a cluster of mosquito building their nest right beside their lodging.
Malaria is a disease relating the blood where once again like many blood related disease, the red blood cell is attacked. Although the present situation calls for a much better health care in case of malaria that was not the case in the olden days when the patient suffering will be left to rot. Everyone was conscious of the fact that it was contagious which is why the patients faced segregation. Malaria is still however considered life threatening if due care is not given.
The term malaria in Italian is translated to ‘bad air’ but it was not one person who made this discovery worthwhile. Over the years, malaria and its cure procedure has been undergoing perfection. It started in 1740 when H.Walpole coined the term elaborating the disease and its mechanism, but it was not until 1880 that the parasite responsible for causing malaria was identified. 
C.Laveran identified the malaria causing parasite to be plasmodium which was known to infect the red blood cell. 1889, R.Ross identified the harbinger of this disease to be the parasitic mosquitoes that feed off on our blood. There are in total five classifications to malaria but the deadliest of the five is the plasmodium malaria. The other three is described as less dangerous and not life threatening.
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