Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Couple dies of electrocution, TN govt promises action

electrocuted family
Couple dies of electrocution, TN govt promises action
Couple dies of electrocution in Chennai owing to the recent heavy rains: Karunanidhi, and his wife Sudha are a mid-twenties couple in Velachery, would leave their kids with relatives while they earned a living doing construction work.

On this fateful Sunday, the couple was returning home after picking up their 3-year old and 6-year old children; on their way while they were buying groceries at a store in Ashtalakshmi Nagar, which was their usual routine.
Suddenly an overhead power cable snapped, electrocuting Karunanidhi sitting on his bike, his wife Sudha who was holding on to him and their 6-year old daughter Aarthisri. “When I turned to them to give them their grocery, they were getting electrocuted,” says Radhalakshmi, the grocery shop owner.
  Radhalakshmi pushed the younger daughter Nithyasri, aged 3, who was perched on the fuel tank down with the help of a stick. Both Karunanidhi and Sudha died on the spot. The elder daughter’s fingers have twisted inwards. She sustained injuries on her shoulder and hand. While the younger one was saved from electrocution, she too has been hospitalized as she has an existing heart condition.
Aarthisri and three-year-old Nithyasri

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